Kardia CPR is offers the highest quality AHA (American Heart Association) Heartsaver and BLS CPR/AED and First Aid training in Woodland Park, Colorado Springs and surrounding area! We have ALL NEW equipment to include Prestan adult and infant electronic feedback manikins as well as AED and EpiPen trainers, plus much, much more. Kardia CPR brings years of experience in emergency medicine, having worked cardiac arrests in hospitals, at businesses, in homes and on the side of the road; with doctors, nurses, fire fighters, EMT’s and average citizens!

We can help you, your family, business, school or organization train for realistic scenarios that will give you confidence to help those you care about in their time of need.

We recommend the First Aid section as well as CPR/AED because of the massive amount of extra capability you will have:

We recommend the First Aid section as well as CPR/AED because of the massive amount of extra capability you will have, to include:

1. CPR for Adults, Children and Infants
2. AED use for all ages
3. Choking for all ages
4. Stroke
5. Seizures
6. Allergic reactions with Epi-Pens
7. Safety
8. Fainting
9. Diabetes
10. Bleeding and bandaging
11. Tourniquets
12. Shock
13. Teeth and Eye injuries
14. Burns
15. Bites, stings and envenomation
16. Broken bones and splinting
17. Poisons
18. Heat and cold environment injuries
19. etc, etc, etc

Give Ken a call/text or email today to set up your training:

512-734-6548 (please leave a message if we are on the other line or teaching a class)

Ken.Leake@KardiaCPR.com  (We will return your email almost immediately)



CPR/AED and First Aid

All of our CPR and First Aid classes are taught by AHA (American Heart Association) instructors. We provide Heartsaver classes for the non-medical person and BLS (Basic Life Support) for the healthcare provider. We use only high quality Prestan electronic feedback manikins and AED (Automatic External Defibrilator) trainers.

512-734-6548 or Ken.Leake@KardiaCPR.com

Starting at $45

Wilderness Medicine

Our Wilderness Medicine courses are taught by none other than the best, NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School).  We host different levels of courses for various skills, time and finances.

512-734-6548 or Ken.Leake@KardiaCPR.com

Tactical Trauma Care

We offer a practical one day Tactical Trauma Care course that simplifies TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) for the non-medical provider/security team who does not operate under a physician’s medical protocols. These truly life saving skills will be practiced in realistic scenarios on real people. We emphasize decision making skills under stress by combining tactical maneuvers with patient care. 

512-734-6548 or Ken.Leake@KardiaCPR.com


Veteran Owned and Operated

We are proud to call America home! Demonstrated by serving in foreign theaters of war and now serving our fellow citizens by teaching life saving skills. We honor our brothers and sisters in all branches of armed service. 


Paramedic Experience

We bring years of paramedic experience from being on the ambulance running trauma and medical calls day and night in all types of environments from the grandma who’s not feeling well to active shooter’s on a military base. This experience has provided numerous different scenarios.


Security Consulting

We track security threats in order to keep you up-to-date with the latest TTP’s (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) of those who would seek to do you and your organization harm.  Threats change and can be predicted with success because of our background in Intelligence. 

We Are Dedicated to Delivering Top-Quality Medical Training

Whether it’s your first CPR class, continuing education classes as a healthcare provider, or if you’re learning the art of Wilderness Medicine or Tactical Trauma Care, our staff is ready to help you meet and exceed your goals. It is our firm belief that continual training in current, up-to-date protocols saves lives. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, on a security team, softball coach, concerned citizen, or healthcare provider, our team will help you meet your goals so that you can be ready and capable in medical emergencies.

  • Ken Leake, Paramedic
  • Owner/Instructor
  • Ken.Leake@KardiaCPR.com
  • (512) 734-6548

  • Morgan
  • Heartsaver/BLS/First Aid/TTC Instructor

  • Madison
  • Heartsaver/BLS/First Aid Instructor

  • Gina
  • Administration